International Tolerance Day

Call for personal stories of people facing intolerance for who they are

On the 16th of November will be the International Tolerance Day. The FYEG’s working group Migration, Culture and Identity support this day strongly. We want everyone to consider his or her own tolerance and strive for more tolerance.
Nobody is free from prejudices and (irrational) borders of tolerance. But: Intolerance is strongly harming. Therefore: Nobody should face intolerance for who they are as a human being.
What we want to do: Please share with us your personal story of a situation where you experienced intolerance! It doesn’t matter in what way. If you are openly homosexual and feel unsafe, or if you would like to drink alcohol free beer but you fear being called a pussy, or if you feel mistreated for your behavior, family traditions, or if you feel sick but your fellow sports team members want you to continue playing, or you feel pressure because you do not want to spend so much money on a new smartphone, or, or…..
The reason: We’d love to hear your stories because we want to spread them to make people aware of the many places where intolerance can exist, how it can concern everybody as a culprit and as a victim so that we can be more nice with people who we think we do not like much at first sight.

What we ask of you:
– a 250-300 written piece
– OR: answer to the question “What means tolerance to you?”
– A picture that descibes you best. (if you want to)

If you are willing to participate, we would like to ask you to send your experience before the 13th of November to Bart van Welzenis:
Of course we will publish it anonymously, as long as you don’t indicate that you like to have your name with it.
On behalf of the working group Migration, Culture and Identity, we are looking forward to your stories!

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