Inform yourself! Challenge yourself!

Tomorrow, on November 16th, is International Day of Tolerance!

We’re collecting stories, statements and pictures from young people concerning their opinions, experiences and ideas on tolerance. Until friday we already publish each day a statement.

You want to contribute as well? Send your story or statement on tolerance/intolerance to! You can find the whole call here.

Antonia is reflecting about tolerance as an opportunity and possibility:

“I believe that every one of us still has some prejudices, some undercurrent narrow-mindedness. We can´t help it. Organizing is a way of coping with the chaos that is life and we feel safe with putting people into categories, labeling them. We have to remember that not two people are the same and to question what we think we know about them. Getting to know people is like drawing a map, trying to morph a three-dimensional reality into a two-dimensional draft. We have to be considerate of the landscape we want to capture. I doubt you can ever really know another person. But then, how can you judge them with knowing so little? How can you judge anything without being informed as well as possible? You can´t and you shouldn´t. Inform yourself. Challenge yourself. And foremost, accept the fact that you never will know everything about someone. People might still surprise you after having known them for all your life. The people you judge might surprise you even more by having interesting, likeable personalities. For me, tolerance is about possibilities. The possibility of a new friend, a new experience. By shutting out these possibilities, you are closing a window to a part of the world. Consequently, your world will get darker and colder with every window closed, until your heart is frozen. Tolerance is the light that we need for living.”

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