International Human Rights Day: FIGHT FRONTEX – Let’s bundle our voices and adress the European stakeholders!

International Human Rights Day: FIGHT FRONTEX – Let’s bundle our voices and address the European stakeholders!
The omni-present  financial crisis conceals other major issues in Europe and  beyond. The freedom of movement is under threat; internally, European  governments re-introduce border checks, while EU borders become  substantially fortified. Whoever is not classified  economically  profitable has little chances to legally enter the EU. Fortress Europe  became symbolized by the EU border agency FRONTEX, which is gaining more  and more power, resources and infrastructure. However, increasing  militarization must be brought to a halt! Let’s bundle our voices and  make us heard at the European level! Tell  the Commission what you think about FRONTEX, and remind them having in  mind, that 10th December is Human Rights Day, that the European border  policy is not in compliance with fundamental rights and freedoms!
Moreover we encourage you to use the occasion of Human Rights Day, to  organise a local action in your town, raising people’s awareness to the  Human Rights violation committed every day by the European Union and  thereby also in their name! Send us pictures and short reports from  these actions – we will publish them on our blog together with the  answers to the questions below!
FRONTEX activities in 2012

  • FRONTEX coordinated several group deportation flights as a means of collective expulsion of Roma to Serbia, thereby it supported the German policy of systematic expulsion in financing and organising these operations, which are legally contestable and not in compliance with any Human Rights standards
  • FRONTEX is part of implementing the EU’s “Global Approach to Migration”, which stretches its control measures beyond the external borders of the European Union using new technologies like satellite or data collection systems thereby interfering without accountability or legitimacy in migration patterns of other countries, hindering people to enact their basic right to leave their places of residence
  • FRONTEX celebrated its 7th birthday – it was created in 2004 as an agency instrument by the Commission in order to centralize and commonly coordinate the member states’ border and migration control policies, since than it significantly expanded its competencies and its financial resources
  • FRONTEX signed an agreement with Turkey to intensify cooperation in migration controls – in exchange for fortifying its borders, Turkey shall receive visa-facilitation. With this policy, the EU is further restricting the right to free movement for “unwanted” migrants, whereas privileging certain groups such as “bona fide” travellers or business people
  • FRONTEX aircrafts are said to have detected in October a boat with 40 people in the coastal area of Spain, photographing, but not helping it by initiating a rescue operation. It is just one of several incidents, where FRONTEX is accused to let people arriving on boats die or send them back, thereby violating the non-refoulement-principle

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