“The EU should abolish its major human rights violator: FRONTEX!”

Yesterday was International Human Rights Day. The European Union often claims to be built on the grounds of shared values and principles, like Human Rights, but at its external borders and through exclusionary policies, it is violating fundamental rights and freedoms every day. We asked you to express your opnions regarding European migration policies and compiled some of your answers here. The complete statements have been sent to the responsible Commissioner.

What do you think about FRONTEX and the EU’s migration policy?

Frontex is an undemocratic body whose budget has exploded in the last year and has no clear code of conduct and engagement.“

I think FRONTEX is against human rights.“

Who thinks that people will just stop coming if one is making it difficult for them is delusional. As long as there will be wars and violence and unbearable living standards elsewhere, people will seek refuge in Europe. […] It is tragically ironic that Europe is making money with arm trade, but refuses to take responsibility for the repercussions of the ensuing violence.“

People in the global South that suffer from the European way of living in terms of globalization and climate are not allowed to enter and are humiliated in their human rights by FRONTEX and other EU-institutions.“

As part of EU’s migration policy, FRONTEX hampers our universal right of mobility through its state-of-the-art border controls. […] Is it a crime to exercise one’s civil liberties to be mobile and to be a productive resident of Europe? Smash borders! Unite the world! FRONTEX is the fortress of Europe!“

Even though today Europe belongs to the most safe and prosperous parts of the world, many do not seem to feel this. With the rationale to limit the influx of immigrants to “manageable levels” to limit criminality and effectively pursue the integration of minorities, racist ideologies are advocated. Social cohesion is understood as homogeneity and assimilation rather than generalized trust.“

Furthermore, FRONTEX obtained extraordinary influence in setting behavioural norms. The agency develops common training programmes for EU border guards to streamline border practices. Not least, FRONTEX has also operative powers in providing data and drafting policy proposals and can frame political debates, formulate external threats and conceive measures how to face them by itself.“

How should border policy look like in the future?

We need to lay off our paranoia and focus on what is important. […] Free circulation of people and migration is a human right.“…the European Union must open the borders and fight racism inside the EU, instead of giving racists a voice and commiting racist ideas in the name of democracy.“

To me, the need for borders must be questioned as it was already done in the Schengen Area. It will not be an economic disadvantage as various studies and Single Market theories underline. […] Accordingly, the respect of human rights, democracy and the rule of law do not become threatened by opening borders.“

„Human rights need to come first and everyone who seeks for a place to stay in safety and good living conditions should be supported!

Everybody should have the right to move in and out of countries as he/she likes.“

In several conflict areas, some EU states are responsible for instigating war while profiting from the arms trade. It is indeed an insult to human rights how EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after all the bloodshed and chaos which forced people to seek refuge in Europe despite the risks along the way, only to be deported back to their countries of origin.“


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