18.December – International Day of Migrants: Phone conference with Ska Keller (Green MEP)

18.12.2012 – 7 pm -CET

HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE: we will not use skype, as it seems to us to be too unstable and risky. Instead we will benefit from another phone service – that means: you need to send your phone numbers (preferably fixed-line) to Gina, who will call each of you to get you in the conference that evening: gina.arvai@gmail.com (So we will start with this already before 7 pm!)

Please – already write your questions to Ska and what you would like to talk about in this pad: https://textbegruenung.de/p/Conference_with_Ska

Again and again the migration, border and asylum policies of the EU and its member states are targets    of criticism. From the poor conditions in Greek asylum reception centres to the fortification of EU’s external borders through FRONTEX, EUROSUR or the Smart Border initiative – current policies fail to provide and guarantee fundamental rights of migrants and refugees. On the occasion of the    International Migrants Day, the FYEG Working Group on Migration, Culture and Identity wants to       have a phone conference meeting with Ska Keller – responsible a.o. for migration policies for the Green Group in the European Parliament – to talk about what is debated at the moment in the EU institutions and how another EU migration policy could look like.

Everyone who is interested is invited to participate. As soon as we know more about technical practicalities (probably we will use another service than skype), we’ll let you know!
picture: “Schengen” by Jesper2cv

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