#YouthOnMigration Article Series

The Ecosprinter has finally completed the article series on the July training of activists regarding campaigning surrounding the issues of migration, asylum policies and refugee rights.... read more

A Positively Forceful Female: Annah from Kenya

  Interview by Eugenie Manisalidi   Unbreakable. A modern heroine. A role model. A devoted nurse. That’s what Annah, 27, really is. Born and raised in... read more

Young Ali’s Life Chronicle

Interview by Eugenie Manisalidi (edits by Joshua Miguel Makalintal) Ali is a smart 17-year old from Afghanistan. He has been living in a hostel for underage... read more

Eliminating Racial Discrimination – Abolishing the Borders within Ourselves

By Joshua Miguel Makalintal (FYEG, Junge Grüne) Today, the world will observe the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This year’s theme is “learning... read more

The Challenges of Integration Policies

By Joshua Miguel Makalintal (FYEG, Junge Grüne) The migration debate is currently one of the world’s most controversial issues. According to the United Nations, there are... read more

From Freetown to Athens: I.B.’s Story

  Interview by Eugenie Manisalidi (edits by Phelan Chatterjee and Joshua Miguel Makalintal)   I.B. is an educated 26-year old ex-refugee from Sierra Leone, who has... read more

Seeking Refuge, Seeking Freedom

By Joshua Miguel Makalintal (FYEG, Junge Grüne) Austrian law dictates that the country’s federal asylum agency has six months to finalize an asylum application. But in... read more

A Tale of Identity

by Christoforos PAVLAKIS (Greece) When, in the year 762, Caliph Al-Mansur was travelling through the vast expanses of the Orient in search of rest and calm, his... read more

Another Immigrant

The moving stories of two immigrants which have been published by Adrien, a French immigrant himself living in Bonn, Germany. Below you will find a short... read more