Organised resistance in Germany’s capital

A look back on more than one year of refugee-strike in Berlin by Grüne Jugend In the beginning of October a protestmarch of refugees, who started... read more

Another Immigrant

The moving stories of two immigrants which have been published by Adrien, a French immigrant himself living in Bonn, Germany. Below you will find a short... read more

Immigration in the Netherlands

by DWARS (Groenelinkse Jongeren; Green Left Youth) In the Netherlands, Migration is an interesting topic these days. The PVV (a right-wing party) wants to close the borders... read more

International Migrants Day: Switzerland

by Ilias Panchard (Co-president of the Swiss Young Greens) At our national level, the migrants situation is relatively complicated and is not going in the right direction.... read more

Illegal Immigrants; Their stories behind their smile.

Marie Anne Zammit (Zminijietna Voice of the Left, Malta) Illegal Immigration in the Mediterranean region has become a top priority issue on the political agenda of... read more

Legalise migration!

by Dimitri Cautain (FYEG; Jeunes Écologistes) Have you ever been on holiday? To Thailand maybe? Or to Dubrovnik? Travel is a wonderful privilege we should all... read more

International Human Rights Day: FIGHT FRONTEX – Let’s bundle our voices and adress the European stakeholders!

International Human Rights Day: FIGHT FRONTEX – Let’s bundle our voices and address the European stakeholders! The omni-present  financial crisis conceals other major issues in Europe... read more