The Challenges of Integration Policies

By Joshua Miguel Makalintal (FYEG, Junge Grüne) The migration debate is currently one of the world’s most controversial issues. According to the United Nations, there are... read more

Global Divestment Day: Climate Justice for Environmental Refugees

By Joshua Miguel Makalintal (FYEG, Junge Grüne) Article originally featured in The Ecosprinter. 13-14 February marks the world’s first Global Divestment Day. Climate movements worldwide have participated... read more

On the Recent Mediterranean Tragedy

By Joshua Miguel Makalintal (FYEG, Junge Grüne) Amid the humanitarian tragedy that occurred this past week surrounding the deaths of 300 people who were crossing the... read more

Human Rights Day: Remembering the “Boat People” and Reclaiming Our Humanity

By Anna Azzopardi (FYEG, ADŻ Malta Green Youth) & Joshua Miguel Makalintal (FYEG, Junge Grüne) Today, the world commemorates the United Nations’ landmark achievement of creating... read more

Seeking Refuge, Seeking Freedom

By Joshua Miguel Makalintal (FYEG, Junge Grüne) Austrian law dictates that the country’s federal asylum agency has six months to finalize an asylum application. But in... read more

An appeal for Global Justice

by Marc Buschlüter (FYEG; Grüne Jugend) Migration seems to be a problematic issue. While Europeans use countries of the global south and east to produce the wealth... read more

Legalise migration!

by Dimitri Cautain (FYEG; Jeunes Écologistes) Have you ever been on holiday? To Thailand maybe? Or to Dubrovnik? Travel is a wonderful privilege we should all... read more