A Tale of Identity

by Christoforos PAVLAKIS (Greece) When, in the year 762, Caliph Al-Mansur was travelling through the vast expanses of the Orient in search of rest and calm, his... read more

An appeal for Global Justice

by Marc Buschlüter (FYEG; Grüne Jugend) Migration seems to be a problematic issue. While Europeans use countries of the global south and east to produce the wealth... read more

Organised resistance in Germany’s capital

A look back on more than one year of refugee-strike in Berlin by Grüne Jugend In the beginning of October a protestmarch of refugees, who started... read more

Another Immigrant

The moving stories of two immigrants which have been published by Adrien, a French immigrant himself living in Bonn, Germany. Below you will find a short... read more

Immigration in the Netherlands

by DWARS (Groenelinkse Jongeren; Green Left Youth) In the Netherlands, Migration is an interesting topic these days. The PVV (a right-wing party) wants to close the borders... read more

International Migrants Day: Switzerland

by Ilias Panchard (Co-president of the Swiss Young Greens) At our national level, the migrants situation is relatively complicated and is not going in the right direction.... read more

Illegal Immigrants; Their stories behind their smile.

Marie Anne Zammit (Zminijietna Voice of the Left, Malta) Illegal Immigration in the Mediterranean region has become a top priority issue on the political agenda of... read more

Legalise migration!

by Dimitri Cautain (FYEG; Jeunes Écologistes) Have you ever been on holiday? To Thailand maybe? Or to Dubrovnik? Travel is a wonderful privilege we should all... read more

Video statement: A radical change for EU migration policies

Ska Keller, FYEG candidate for the Green Primary, outlines an ambitious vision for migratory reforms in Europe. The issue of Europe’s borders is disheartening and needs... read more

Call for Articles: International Migrants Day 18th of December

A boat with refugees tries to reach Lampedusa (Italy); miles away a family decides to emigrate to Canada; their neighbour just migrated from Portugal to Paris.... read more