A Journey of Hope for the Victims of Wars

A Migrant’s Perspective Being a migrant – specifically being a refugee – is when a person or people move from one place to another to escape danger and look for a better life. From...
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Money arrow basic income.

Basic Income and User-Centered Design

In Finland, the discussion around basic income has become serious during the last year, as Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s government has an explicit intention to implement a basic income experiment during its period of...
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Who Are the Green Party Leadership Candidates?

Voting is now open for the election of the Summer. And no, it’s not for the next Labour leader. The Greens are currently deciding who will take over from Natalie Bennett after two terms...
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Swiss Young Greens on the Referendum for Basic Income

Fighting the inequality between women and men, allowing young people from disadvantaged families to study, a boost of creativity and jobs – what sounds like a dream nearly became reality in Switzerland. In June...
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The Limits of the Finnish Basic Income Experiment

The Minister of Social Affairs Hanna Mäntylä and researcher Ville-Veikko Pulkka answer questions about the situation of the Finnish Basic Income Experiment. The article also discusses what are the aims of the experiment, and...
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Basic Income as an Alter-globalisation Tool

There is a long lasting economical and financial crisis that is impacting to a bigger or smaller extent the majority of the European countries. This, together with the environmental crisis that is reminding us...
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Universal Basic Income: the North American Experiments

The notion of a universal basic income has been debated for decades in political, policy and academic circles. Proponents have ranged from street-activists to ivory tower academics, and have emerged from across the political...
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